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Lucitopia and A Little Spork Productions present
WAKE UP! Exploring the Potential of Lucid Dreaming.

What if a place existed beyond the borders of waking and dreaming? Where you are awake and asleep at the same time? This place is not a fantasy. It is called lucid dreaming, the awareness of being in a dream.

WAKE UP! Exploring the Potential of Lucid Dreaming features interviews with prominent dream researchers, as well as lucid dreaming experts who are consciously encountering the dreaming imagination, the source of countless scientific, artistic, psychological and spiritual breakthroughs throughout history. Share the journey of a handful of pioneers who are exploring the wonders and mysteries that dwell at the intersection of dreams and consciousness.

“If we can expand our sense of what is possible, will we be able to do the things that we suddenly realize are within our reach?” – Kelley Bullkeley, PhD, Professor, Author

“You see the life changing moment in that lucidity.” – Scott Sparrow, EdD, Professor, Psychotherapist, Author

“In that dream space, something truly incredible and mysterious is happening.” – Robert Waggoner Author, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self

“Let's wake up! Let's wake up in our relationships, let's wake up in where we work, let's wake up in where we live.” – Fariba Bogzaran, PhD Artist, Dream Researcher, Writer

EDITOR: Jordi MacFife
PRODUCERS: Kira Sass and Chris Olsen
DIRECTORS: Kira Sass and Chris Olsen

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